We provide solutions

Scientific Maintenance & Services Installation

REDDINT SCIENTIFIC. With the help of our Principals around the globe, we offer routine maintenance service, installation, calibration and repair of various lab instrument.

Laboratory Consumables

We represent manufacturers of various laboratory consumables.

We keep inventory of most consumables in order that we may deliver to our customers promptly to keep their daily workflow at good pace.

Some of the consumables we supply are;

  • Pipet Tips

  • Eppendorf tubes

  • PCR tubes

  • Petri dishes

  • Collection tubes

  • Test tubes

  • Volumetric Flasks

  • Burettes and Pipettes

  • Mortal and Pestles

  • Hand gloves

  • Inoculating loops

  • Inoculating flaks

  • Culture flasks

  • Filter paper

  • Sharpie Markers

  • Parafilm M

  • Reagent bottles (Clear and Amber)

  • And various chemicals, reagents and kits


Osogbo Office

12, Bolajoko Estate, Off Ilobu Road,
        Agunbelewo, Osogbo Nigeria.



Lagos Office

2, Oremejila Street, Ajuwon,
         Via Ishaga, Lagos Nigeria